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When you’re looking for hotel accommodation it can take a lot of time to find exactly the right hotel that suits your requirements. Our aim is to make it quicker for you to find cheap hotels worldwide at the best possible room rates so you save both time and money.


At Find Hotels NZ we pride ourselves in being super simple and fast to use so you don’t have to have to spend hours looking through holiday brochures or waiting on hold on the telephone.


All you need to do is search on the criteria for your chosen destination and then select the hotels that offer what you’re looking for. With just a few clicks you can find not only the best hotels within your budget range, but also read reviews from other travellers. Once you decide which hotel gives you the best return for your budget, you can place your hotel booking securely online.



Finding Cheap Hotels

Even with a tight budget it is possible to have a holiday, especially if you’re not too fussy about where you stay. Of course there are extremely low budget accommodation options such as youth hostels and university halls of residence that often open their doors to tourists during academic holiday periods, but if you prefer to have something a little more private it is possible to find cheap hotel rooms.


The first place to look for these is on the hotel deals websites like and restrict your search to a budget or a 1-2 star rating. This will give you results that are within your budget range. What you need to keep in mind is that these discount hotels didn’t get their ratings for having a maid service that leaves chocolates on your pillow, however the 2-star hotels should at least give you a clean, safe place to stay.


Occasionally the star rating isn’t so much about the budget hotel or the service you’ll receive there, but more about the area in which the hotel is located. Make sure you check the location before making your booking by doing a Google map search and/or a hotel review search. While you may not mind being in an area that’s an hour on the bus from the main attractions, an area known to be violent may be a different thing altogether. Far better you do your research before you go than have to change hotel once you arrive at your destination.


Tourist offices are also a good source of information for accommodation of all types, so it’s always worthwhile phoning the one located in your destination city to ask them if they have any further information about any cheap hotels listed online.


Cheap hotel deals are available, but make sure you know why they’re cheap. If it’s simply because the hotel doesn’t have fresh flowers in the reception area or free coffee making facilities in the room, then it’s probably a great place to stay on a budget.